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We will revamp your driveway for the smoothest surface ever! Our team of experts offer asphalt driveway upgrades, using only the finest materials and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Easy To Work With

We understand that dealing with a contractor might feel overwhelming, but don't worry, we're different. We won't push you into a decision; instead, we invite you to explore how our skilled street striping solutions can boost your pavement and enhance the appearance of your Santa Rosa property.

We Explain it All

Before we jump into the world of striping, we carefully examine your pavement and assess its requirements. Afterward, we create a personalized quote that includes all the specifics, and we present it to you without any pressure to commit. No strings attached—just genuine striping expertise. At each stage, our main focus is to provide you with the most open and straightforward experience possible

Best Quality

We believe in ensuring your success with our street and parking lot striping services. That's why we not only share our knowledge and proficiency but also offer a clear and comprehensive outline of our process. This ranges from the top-quality equipment we employ to the robust, long-lasting paint that goes into every stroke. So you can feel confident that your pavement markings are in capable hands.

Santa Rosa Striping Service Does It All

New Driveway Installation

Get ready to jazz up your pavement! Our artistic skills go beyond practical ADA markings. We have a bunch of cool stencils and patterns to give your asphalt or concrete surface a stylish flair. Let's bring some personality to your paving that will enhance its look and make it appear brand new again.

Street Markings

On your mark, get set, stripe! Our team and top-notch equipment are fully prepared to add a burst of color to any road, parking lot, or pavement. Whether it's arrows showing the way, symbols for stop signs, lines in the middle of the road, or other creative marks, we've got everything covered!

Parking Lot Striping

We provide the coloring book, you bring the parking lot! Our skilled striping team has the best tools and high-quality paint, ready to add sharp and precise lines to pavements of any size. From bold crosswalks to perfectly straight parking spots, we make sure every line is just right.


Walking across the street just got cooler! Our artistic crew is all set with their brushes and lively paint to add a splash of color to your crosswalks. We're here to give your pavement, whether it's made of asphalt or concrete, a touch of individuality.

Getting started on your striping project. 

We make sure the process is easy and stress-free for you. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Free Consultation & Estimate

Schedule a complimentary consultation to have us take a loom at your striping needs. It's comprehensive estimate, provided to you FREE or charge.

Step 2: Personalized Transparent Contract

Once you're satisfied with the estimate, we'll create a personalized contract outlining all of the striping that will take place to ensure transparency and avoid surprises.

Step 3: Expert Preparation & Paving

Our experienced team will meticulously prepare the area, followed by expertly applying the the highest quality paint to create a smooth and long-lasting lines and designs.

Step 4: Comprehensive Inspection & Maintenance

Once the job is complete we conduct a comprehensive final inspection to ensure our standards and exceed expectations. We'll also provide you with valuable maintenance recommendations.

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