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No matter if you’re a homeowner or a business owner in San Rafael, CA, we’re here to meet all your asphalt needs with excellence. Our quick and friendly service sets us apart, and we’re proud to back our work with a solid guarantee. Trust us to take care of your paving project just the way you want it.


Uncover the exceptional craftsmanship of First Class Paving, your dependable companion for paving in San Rafael, CA, with a history spanning more than two decades. We take immense pride in creating strong bonds with our clients. As a locally owned and operated company, we’re dedicated to going beyond your expectations for excellent paving. Whether rejuvenating surfaces or redesigning pathways, our skilled team leads you through every stage to make sure you’re fully content. With services tailored for both homes and businesses, and complete insurance and licensing, your San Rafael paving project is in capable hands. Choose First Class Paving with absolute confidence!

Why Choose Us

A Unique Experience That Stands Out

At First Class Paving, our dedication to delivering outstanding asphalt paving projects resonates with the vibrant spirit of San Rafael, CA. We're experts in a wide array of asphalt paving services, and our journey is filled with years of experience – a journey closely tied to San Rafael's natural beauty and lively community life.

Consistent Quality

As a well-known asphalt company, we shine as a family-owned business, devoted to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our San Rafael customers. Just like San Rafael blends urban comforts with its stunning surroundings, we seamlessly combine our expertise with dedication. We believe in grasping the details of each paving project, envisioning the path of the project to guarantee precision and on-time completion, echoing San Rafael's harmony between city and nature.

Skilled Craftsmanship

When you contact First Class Paving for a free quote, you're starting a partnership that mirrors the heart of San Rafael's welcoming atmosphere. We're not just any team showing up at your place – we're a group of skilled professionals, carrying the knowledge and experience that clearly show our commitment.

Here's a Quick List of the Services Offered by Our San Rafael Asphalt Paving

First Class Paving brings you plenty of choices for your driveway needs in San Rafael, CA. Whether you’re improving your current driveway or starting fresh, our experts work closely with you to make your dream come true. We use really good materials and modern pavers to make a strong and nice-looking driveway that matches San Rafael’s quality standards.

When it comes to parking lot projects in San Rafael, CA, First Class Paving has everything you need. Whether fixing an old lot or starting new, our experienced team is ready for the job. We use high-tech paving machines and really good materials to make a useful and good-looking parking lot that shows San Rafael’s promise for quality. commitment to excellence.

In San Rafael, CA, getting sealcoating is a smart idea. Just like you take care of important things, sealcoating protects your asphalt from the weather. Doing sealcoating regularly, every two to three years, keeps your driveway or parking lot looking good and strong. It’s like how San Rafael takes care of its beauty and strength – fixing small problems and keeping the blacktop looking nice.

Our specialty is fixing asphalt surfaces. Cracks and holes that are ignored can make bigger problems as water gets in and weakens the ground underneath. This trouble gets worse, causing more damage over time. To stop this, we use really good materials to seal up asphalt cracks and stop them from getting bigger. This way, your pavement stays strong.

Have you ever been on a new parking lot with no lines? It can be confusing! Just like how we drive on roads without thinking about it, asphalt striping is super important. As time goes on, those lines fade away, making things less clear. Our services include making those lines clear again, following San Rafael’s careful rules.

We don’t just work on houses; we also help with business projects in San Rafael, CA! Whether it’s fixing long roads or replacing old pavement, our skilled team is ready to help. We have lots of experience and really good tools to take on big business paving jobs. Don’t settle for bumpy roads when you can have smooth ones. Get in touch today to start your business paving.

At First Class Paving Our Paving Process Is Hassle Free

Step 1: Free Consultation & Estimate

Get in touch with us to schedule a complimentary consultation and receive a detailed estimate without any cost or obligation on our paving services.

Step 2: Personalized Transparent Contract

After approving the estimate, we will draft a personalized contract that clearly outlines all project details, ensuring transparency and avoiding any unexpected surprises

Step 3: Skilled Preparation & Paving

Our highly skilled team will diligently prepare the area and expertly apply the asphalt or concrete to create a durable, smooth surface that will stand the test of time.

Step 4: Inspection & Maintenance

Upon project completion, we will conduct a comprehensive final inspection to ensure compliance and exceed your expectations. Additionally, we'll provide valuable maintenance guidance to help you properly care for your newly paved surface.

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San Rafael Asphalt Paving Services

mike dunaway
mike dunaway
I recently had First Class paving asphalt my driveway and Nick and company did a fantastic job! They were professional, thorough, and excellent to work with! I would definitely recommend them for all of your paving needs! Diane
Doug Z
Doug Z
Absolutely professional company, fair bids, honored bids with no change orders. came on time... would use again and recommend to all.
Nancy Klussman
Nancy Klussman
Nick is a true professional and great to work with. His company did a very nice job paving my driveway. His communication is excellent, work started and completed on time. I highly recommend this business.
steven . Sager
steven . Sager
I had 3 jobs done by First Class Paving- 1. A private road repaved with asphalt. Their price was very competitive, the work quality was excellent and they did their work extremely timely and met all of our expectations. I would rate them higher than a 5 if I could. 2. The second job was an asphalt overlay and again they did a very good job. 3. The third job was an attempt to create asphalt steps in another area. That was an experiment and didn’t come out to our expectations, but Nick came immediately to address the problem and very professionally made things right for us as consumers. We appreciate vendors who stand fully behind their work and Nick (the owner) did so quickly. I manage a number of properties and Nick is one of the nicest vendors that I’ve had the opportunity to deal with in the past. He is extremely easy to work with and I can highly recommend their work. I manage a number of properties and Nick is one of the very best vendors that I’ve dealt with in over 40 years’ experience of owning and managing properties.
Tracy Chapdelaine
Tracy Chapdelaine
Nick is one of the few contractors that actually answers his phone. We both got lucky because he had an appointment up the street from us that same day and was able to come by within a few hours. He is polite, knowledgeable and so reasonable with his pricing that we had him do a grading and road base job that we were planning to do ourselves in addition to filling cracks and sealing our asphalt driveway. Everything was done within a few days with his great team. We're very happy with his work.
Yasamin Taklimi
Yasamin Taklimi
Nick is very punctual, brings the right people that do great clean job. 100% recommend it.
Jack Atkins
Jack Atkins
Neighbor's recommendation after seeing his good work. Nick arranged for our 10K sq ft job on the day and time we preferred and was done in 3 hours. Very pleased with the work and the price.
Vincent Baldino
Vincent Baldino
Nick is a true gentleman, very professional and does great work. My driveway was in pretty bad shape and he worked with me on a good price and made my driveway look new. I highly recommend him for any of your asphalt needs.
cathy seguine
cathy seguine
Nick Stanley and his team at Custom Paving did a great job with our driveway and road repair

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