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We specialize in asphalt driveway paving here in the Bay area. Our reputation for the highest quality work comes from years of experience paving simple driveways to more complex country estate driveways that wind through properties. Big job or small, you can count on a first class job with us!

Advantages of Asphalt Driveways

asphalt drivewayAsphalt is the best choice for driveways in the Bay area. It holds up well in our weather conditions while adding beauty and value to your property. The following are some of the top reasons you should choose asphalt for your driveway.


Compared to concrete, asphalt is much more flexible and has more give under the weight of vehicles. It's also more resistant to chipping and other damages.


Asphalt is cheaper than concrete and other types of paving materials so it provides a great value. In addition, maintenance costs are much more reasonable compared to concrete. Chips and dings in asphalt are easily repaired but with concrete, these same chips are difficult and expensive to fix.

Stunning Beauty

The dark, sasmooth appearance of an asphalt driveway provides a more striking contrast with your landscape than concrete. Concrete is dull by comparison and gets worse over time. On the other hand, even an old asphalt driveway can be revitalized with sealcoating that restores the beauty and protects that asphalt.

Weather Resistant

Asphalt as a material is more flexible than concrete. With hot days and cools nights, asphalt simply expands and contracts without any damage to the surface. Concrete on the other hand can develop cracks when temperatures dip below freezing. Cracks in concrete are very difficult to repair so most homeowners are stuck with them. Cracks in asphalt can occur but are easily fixed with filler or sealcoat.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to concrete, asphalt is much easier to maintain. Cracks, dings and chips are all easily repaired with filler and sealcoating. In fact, sealcoating on a regular basis can add years to the the life of your driveway.

Asphalt Driveway Paving Is The Best Choice

In the Bay area, asphalt driveways are a better value than concrete. They look better, cost less and are much easier to maintain. If you are looking for a professional quality asphalt driveway, go first class and call us!

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