Paving Contractors Marin County

We are paving contractors Marin County trusts for all their asphalt paving needs. We provide fast, friendly service on big jobs and small, always standing by our work. Nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction is acceptable to us. Our asphalt paving services include:

Residential Driveway Paving

Marin County home with asphalt paving drivewayMarin County is home to some of the most beautiful properties in the country. Spacious estates to the west feature some beautiful asphalt driveways which we've had the privilege of working on. Urban centers like San Rafael and Novato have and abundance of higher density housing that also require driveway paving services. Whether it's a shared driveway in a condo complex or a long and winding country road, we are the paving contractors Marin County turns to get the job done right!

Walkway Paving

Many property owners choose asphalt walkways to connect various structures or other elements on their property adding a touch of class to the overall appeal of the residence. Many asphalt walkways wind their way through trees and other landscaping challenges. But our experienced crew has years of handling tricky layouts so you can depend on us to solve any issues that may come up.

Asphalt Repair & Maintenance

Asphalt paving is very durable and stands up well in Marin County weather. From time to time, your asphalt may need a little TLC to keep it looking its best and maintain its durability. First Class Paving provides asphalt repair services that will get your driveway, walkway, parking lot or sports court back to its original glory.

Asphalt Sealcoat

Many of our Marin County customers choose to protect their asphalt installations with sealcoating. A professionally applied sealcoat can extend the life of your driveway or walkway - and your investment. Contact us to get a free estimate on sealcoating. It may be one of the best investments you make!

Our Paving Process

Free Estimates
The first step in most residential paving projects includes our free estimate and analysis. We will come out to your site and assess the conditions of any existing asphalt and recommend a course of action.

Asphalt paving installation steps can include:

  • Remove exsisting asphalt (if needed)
  • Install new base rock (if needed)
  • Roll and compact base rock
  • Check grade with laser to ensure proper water drainage
  • Install asphalt with a state of the art paving machine. Thickness applied is at the customer's discretion. A typical asphalt install is from 2" to 4" after compaction
  • Compact with vibratory roller
  • Cure for 24 hours

Asphalt Maintenance & Seal Coating

  • Clean and blow asphalt
  • Remove weeds
  • Fill cracks with rubberized crack filler*

*The asphalt sealer is poured and spread manually using a seal coating squeegie or broom. Dry time is 2-6 hours depending on weather. It normally takes about 2 hours to dry in 75-80 degree weather with shady spots taking a little longer. Stay-off time is typically 24 hours.


Asphalt: consists of 1/2 inch average of sand and dry hardening oil mixed up.

Asphalt Sealer: consists of black colored latex, sand, putty, fibers. The goal of asphalt sealant is to seal up asphalt surface to protect it from the sun drying out the oils in asphalt and water washing out sand and aggregates. When it's dry it makes the surface smooth and black.