Asphalt Parking Lot Process

Getting a new asphalt parking lot can be a big, expensive job. It’s important to understand all that is involved so you can request and understand proposals from a number of contractors. In addition, the more you know, the less likely you are to get some expensive surprise during the project. Below, we describe our asphalt parking lot paving process.

Site Preparation

Asphalt milling machine with sunset backgroundA new parking lot, or the replacement of an existing lot, always begins with an onsite inspection. We will of course measure the size of the lot and discuss spaces and access points. In addition, our crew will be looking for any structural issues in the base layer that will need to be addressed. For example, we'll be looking for cracks, depressions and potholes that may indicate issues below an existing asphalt layer. As a result, you can count on our experience to identify any issues up front so there are fewer surprises. We'll also go over any permitting requirements and make sure that you're new lot will be ADA compliant.

Milling of Existing Surface

In the case of a replacement parking lot, the first order of business is the milling, or removal, of the existing asphalt surface. An older parking lot will inevitably have some defects in the asphalt layer or the base layer below. For example, existing cracks in the asphalt layer will "reflect" up through any new layer within a couple of years so it makes no sense to pave over an existing asphalt layer.

Once we remove the asphalt layer, our crew gets a good look at what's going on underneath and how best to reinforce the base layer. In some cases in may be necessary to replace the base layer but this will normally be known ahead of time from damage on the top layer before we start. For example, a large number of potholes and cracking usually indicate an unstable base layer, even before we remove the top layer of asphalt.

We use a variety of heavy equipment to remove the layer materials as needed and haul them away to recycling centers where they are sorted and recycled as much as possible.

Grading and Base Materials

The base layer of your parking lot is the most important element for a solid, long lasting result. A weak, unstable base layer will not handle the weight of cars and trucks well and will deteriorate quickly. As a result, you will have cracks and potholes develop far too soon. So our crew is picky about this and will spend a lot of time ensuring a solid base layer.

The base layer is composed of quarry crushed stone or recycled aggregate whenever possible. Recycled aggregate includes crushed and processed concrete, asphalt, stone or a combination of all three. We prefer using recycled aggregate because it is just as good as virgin quarry aggregate and more environmentally friendly.

The base layer is compacted with heavy machinery and graded to ensure proper water flow on the finished lot. A poorly graded lot will result in standing water during rain that is inconvenient for customers and bad news for asphalt. Over time, standing water can seep into the sub layer promoting erosion and weakening the base layer. As a result, our team goes to great length to ensure proper grading and water flow.

Installation of New Asphalt

Compacting asphalt with a rollerWith the base layer compacted and graded, the top asphalt layer is ready to be installed. We use an asphalt mix that is tailored for parking lot applications that include heavy cars and trucks. The asphalt mix is brought in by dump truck and put into our asphalt paving machines that can put down an asphalt layer at a precise thickness and a preset width. The precise thickness of the asphalt layer is critical in maintaining the grade for water flow. The pavement surface is then compacted using a number of rollers suited for a specific space. Once again, it's critical that the grade be maintained to promote proper water flow.

Pavement Striping

The last step in the asphalt parking lot process is striping and marking. We will execute the plan as discussed with our clients regarding space widths and ADA access markings. We use only the best quality paint for all lines and markings so your new parking lot will look great for a long time!

Our Parking Lot Paving Service

Our goal is simple: provide the best parking lot paving service in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties. A parking lot can be critical to a business and is a big expense. As a result, we take our job seriously and stand behind our work. With all our paving services, 100% customer satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome. Get in touch today to get your project started!